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Kees de Waal was born in 1922 in Bussum, Netherlands. At age 14, he won first prize in a Dutch National drawing contest and his color pencil drawing was exhibited in Paris. He attended the Higher School for Textiles in Enschede, the Arnhem Art Academy and the Masereel Centre in Turnhout, Belgium.

All his life, he has been a fashion retailer, founded a retail chain of 150 stores of men's wear clothing in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.

In the 1980s when retired from retail, Kees created the De Waal Foundation  and  , to improve the quality of life for children in dire circumstances in Latin America, and also re-started graphic art and painting.

Kees has had more than 80 exhibitions worldwide: Netherlands, Belgium, France, USA, Switzerland, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil and in China. Kees divides his time between his studios in Naarden (Netherlands), Greenwich (USA), and La Turballe (France).

Also he is member of the Greenwich Graphic Art Center in New York.





















They fight for peace


Exhibitions 2013-2014


16 okt -

26 nov.

Galerie Filmhuis Oosterhout

Opening zondag 19 oktober 16:30 door Wethouder van Cultuur,

Dhr. J.W.M. Peters


22 de Abril -

9 Mayo 2014



Centro Cultural Juan parra del Riego

|. Pedro de Osma 135, Barranco

Lima - Perú


April / Mei 


Stadsmuseum Harderwijk

Donkerstraat 4

Harderwijk - The Netherlands


Dec. Jan. 2014

Contemporary Center of Printmaking

 Norwalk CT - U.S.A.


Okt.- Dec.


Slot Zeist,

Zeist - The Netherlands


 16 -26 de abril 2013

 Casa de Cultura

La Paz - Bolivia


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